Custom Nose Cones for High Powered Rocketry
Custom Nose Cones for High Powered Rocketry
  • Python Rocketry

    Have you ever wanted to build an upscale of your favorite Estes model but there is no nose cone that shape?   

    Have you come across a great tube for an airframe but there is no nose cone that size?  

    Have you wanted to build a scale rocket or oddroc but no one makes the right nosecone?

    Maybe you could make your own, but is it worth the hassle, and trial and error, of setting it all up?


    About Us

    Custom nose cones, almost any size or shape by Python Rocketry.

    I use higher density foam with over 2 1/2 times the compression resistance- 40 psi vs 15 psi,- but less than 40% increase in weight compared to standard foam.  (weight can be added if needed for stability). The tips are hardwood with aluminum rod centers that extend well into the body of the cone. The tips are cut on the cone, not glued on afterward.

    I cover them with 2 layers of 6 oz. fiberglass, standard. If you want heavier or high temp epoxy etc. it can be done.

    I need good measurements and an accurate description or drawing of what you want.

    Any diameter from 6 to 20 inches

    and length to 96+ inches available

    The cone on the left fits a 10.75 inch concrete tube and is half ogive, half conical. The The "hojo" is ogive in the center and straight conical front and back for a 6 inch tube. Then a biconic for a 8.25 in concrete tube, a 14.5 by 56 inch ogive, and then a "nuclear power pod" for a space station ( for those old enough to remember "donut" space station designs). The last is a 7.5 inch biconic for a scale Hermes rocket build.

    After the cone is finished, I will send you a paypal invoice for the total - cone plus actual shipping

    Standard basic construction-

    red = aluminum bar

    brown ring and forward = hardwood tip

    airframes generally empty- hollow

    outside airframes = foam

    sizes and proportions vary and can be customized

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    Custom Nose Cones for High Powered Rocketry

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